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GA & AL Mission Trip Report

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! I’ve got a beautiful feeling every thing’s going “God’s” Way. (from Oklahoma,1955)

I woke up this morning with that song in my head and thanked the Lord for the beautiful new day He has given us. Please join me in counting your blessings each day, especially when there are challenges, frustrations and things that just either aggravate us or really concern us. Remember: “This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24)

DISC GOLF Adventure

It was pretty cool to see my son, Steve, coaching his Liberty University team at the Disc Golf National Championships in Augusta, Georgia. Both the men and women’s squads played outstanding in their divisions and men placed first and the women came in second.

IMG 2136

Disc Golf Team at National's


We recently had a great team of believers riding and witnessing in Georgia and Alabama. Our team blended well with several old friends reconnecting and we were all very impressed with the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia. The concrete surface was like nothing I had ever ridden on before, so smooth and wide and we visited several quaint towns along the route too. We met many people to talk to about Jesus, ate at some very interesting places and enjoyed good weather (most days), camping and time together, studying God’s Word, praying and encouraging one another.

IMG 2188

GA/AL Mission Trip Team

IMG 2195

Riding on the Silver Comet Trail

Our riding time in Alabama was nice too along the Chief Ladega Trail. We also had a half-day of riding in Talladega but the rain forced us off the road. We enjoyed staying at Shocco Springs Christian Retreat Center in Talladega and learning more about their ministry and were blessed with a great place to stay. They have a beautiful facility and I hope to go back and help them get Pickleball going.

IMG 2135
IMG 2203

After the team departed, Chrissy and I headed south to Prattville, AL to visit friends, speak at Camellia Baptist Church and teach Pickleball both at the church and for new program at their local YMCA. We are thankful for the ministry opportunities the Lord gives us and the friends He puts in our lives to encourage us on our journey. We also stayed with some very good friends in Jasper, GA both on our way to the mission trip and on our way back home. With 4-children being home-schooled, we were so blessed to be a part of their lives for several days. We were able to help 2 of them learn how to ride their bikes, we also played lots of games, even taught them how to play Pickleball. It was restful and fun all at the same time! I hope they will be future WHEEL POWER missionaries, riding and spreading the Good News across our Country.

IMG 2269
IMG 2235


June 12 to 16: Williamsburg, VA

September 2019 – Maine/New England – Lighthouse Tour

Email me, Judy for all the details about each trip

More Ministry Opportunities

July 29 to August 1, 2019 is Virginia’s largest Pickleball Tournament held on the campus of Liberty University. We estimate over 500 players will compete at all levels and range in age from 14 to 90. We will have up to 34 indoor courts on hardwood floors for this venue and are excited to host this event for the bi-annual State Games on America. I am the tournament director and my son, Steve, assists me. We also need volunteers, so come on out and join the Pickleball fun and help out.


Riding my bicycle for most of my life, and especially on our mission trips with WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists, I have seen our Country, and its people, in a whole different perceptive from just “normal life”. The dream of bicycling coast to coast started when I was 15 years old when my folks moved us from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles in 1965. Wow, what a trip that was! But I realized sitting in the car for almost 4,000 miles, not only was I ready to get out, I also really wanted to find out what the United States was all about and meet and talk to people from every State. It wasn’t until 1991 that my dream became a reality and I rode from Los Angeles to Boston on trip number 1. Now, 28 years later with a total of 15 trips pedaled across the Country, I can say it is still exciting, worthwhile and a life-changing experience every time I ride my bicycle, whether across town or across the Country. Why? Because of the people I meet and talk to and find out who they are and what they are going through, their blessings and their needs. The bicycle mission trips open the door to witness to people, pray with them and for them and be used of God in so many lives.

Life is so short, isn’t it? Yet God knows how many years He has for us on earth and how He wants to use us to further His Kingdom. I want to encourage you, whether you ride a bike or not, but as a believer in Jesus Christ to Go and Tell others who He is (John 15:16). We must be ready to talk to people in line at the grocery store, post office or bank, over the phone and when you go on that summer vacation. People everywhere need Jesus and when they see Him in you that will want to know Him too.

For the past 6 months, I have been asking people everywhere, with a big smile on my face, “Have you heard the Good News today?” They immediately ask me, “What?” I then tell them that Jesus loves them today and ask, “Do you know what Jesus did for you?” Then the conversation continues, however, the Lord wants it to go but it is always a blessing. I have come to realize that everyone truly does want to hear Good News and people really are searching for the truth, whether they want to admit it or not. So let’s put our fears aside, Psalm 27:1, and take time to share the Good News with someone everyday.


This is something I heard recently and have expanded on it:

If you have a PULSE that means God isn’t finished with you yet so live your life with PURPOSE. I encourage you to take your pulse daily and then know your PURPOSE, live it with PASSION and PRESS ON for Jesus until you take your last breath.

God's Blessings, Judy Bowman

WHEEL POWER Missions Trip Final Report



Yes, our 2018 across America bicycle mission trip has ended but we are rejoicing as we reflect on all the ways the Lord protected us, used us and blessed us beyond measure.  I wish you all could have been with us for a few days or longer, it is truly an amazing thing to do - to go out across our Country and just talk to people about Jesus, caring and sharing the Good News with everyone you meet. Being on the bicycle made it fun for us, very challenging too with the heat, humidity and hills, but we were so available to stop and talk with everyone we could and God really used us in the lives of so many people.

As a team, we also learned so much being on the road these last 2+ months. Some of the key things were trust, patience, strength, love and compassion and faithfulness to the call God placed on our hearts.

We shared the Good News with over 300 people ranging from 12 years old to 90 years young!  We were blessed to see that the Lord prepared the hearts of 14 of those folks who were ready to repent and surrender their lives, acknowledging they were sinners who needed a Savior.  As we talked with them, sharing the Truth in love, it was such a blessing to see them understand faith and truth, accept the free gift of salvation and enter into a personal relationship with Jesus and the assurance of an eternal life in Heaven.  Wow, it doesn’t get much better than that!!!!

This was WHEEL POWER’s 38th mission trip, it’s 13thacross America trip on bicycle and personally my 15th trip pedaling coast to coast to spread the Gospel.  I was also riding to visit my two sisters, who live in California, Carol and Dorothy, and to attend my 50thHigh School reunion which was also in California and such a great blessing.

As you know, we are celebrating the 25thAnniversary of WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists and thank the Lord for every team member, supporter, church connection and person we shared the Gospel with all these years.  We are also rejoicing in the almost unbelievable milestone of pedaling 2 million mileswithout ever having an accident with a moving vehicle on the highways.  Wow, thank you, Lord, we praise you for watching over our teams these last 25 years of ministry and ask that you continue to grant us safety each mile of our lives.


I want to thank everyone who prayed for me and our team, we could not have made it without your prayers, support and encouragement.

Our host churches and their families really blessed us too with a nice warm/or cool place to sleep each night in their church, fellowship, food and showers.  Sharing testimony stories, playing the guitar and challenging Christians along the way in the church services was just another special highlight of our mission trip.

Our 2019 bicycle Mission Trips will be posted in our Christmas letter.  We will be offering several shorter trips next year, ranging from 3-10 days in length throughout the USA.  Our teams will also be riding on several State Rides, such as bike across Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee and possibly other States. >

Please keep our ministry in your prayers and we hope you’ll be able to help us with a financial gift so we can keep spreading the Gospel throughout our Country.

All God’s blessings and keep in touch, both in prayers and visits.

We always have a place for you here at the WHEEL POWER Headquarters in Lynchburg.

WHEEL POWER Mission Trip Phase 4

Greetings from GALLUP, NM!

Hebrews 12:1-2a:  ”Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.”

As we continue to “Press On” we praise the Lord for His protection, mercy, grace and abundant  blessings upon us.  We have met so many people who need to know Jesus, who are lost and roaming around in the desert, literally, it is heart-aching.  But we are faithful to talk to everyone we can and share the love of Jesus with them - one mile at a time!

When we arrived in Vega, TX we were blessed with meeting Jaime, a truck driver who had stopped at the local truck stop to fill up. Jaime was 52 years old and very hurt from a marriage break-up about a year earlier. He was eager to hear the truth about Jesus because all he ever heard growing up was when his father would tell him, “ You are  never alone.”  Once a year his family went to church but Jaime didn’t fully understood about God, Jesus or how he could be saved and have a personal relationship with the Lord.  Well, praise the Lord we met him, shared the truth of the Gospel with Jaime and he was saved that day.  We prayed together and then encouraged him to find a Bible-believing church and to keep in touch through email. He promised he would.

That evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our host church family.  It was a blessing to share about Jaime, our ministry, play the guitar, sing together and be so encouraged by their love, appreciation and support.

In Tucumcari, NM we rode through town on Route 66 and talked with lots of folks. Our bikes, jerseys and just riding as a team always seems to get people asking us questions of which we in turn ask them, “Do you know that Jesus loves you today?”  or “Have you heard the GOOD NEWS today?”  Their answers and smiles say it all.

Tucumcari is an interesting town along the old route with lots of memorabilia and travelers. It was also a neat blessing to meet some Christian folks who were riding their motorcycles to the Grand Canyon.  They were all members of CMA, Christian Motorcycle Association, and so we had some sweet fellowship.  We prayed together before we departed and they even gave us a donation to help us on our journey!

We had no idea what the Lord had planned for us in Santa Rosa, NM, another town along old route 66.  We no sooner arrived at the church that a lady, who lives across the street, came over to see my ELF bike and ask what we were doing. As I shared with her the Gospel message, she got tears in her eyes and desired to have Christ as her Lord and Savior. She prayed and asked Jesus for forgiveness of her sins and placed her faith in trust in Jesus.  We needed to go to the bank and mail some letters that day and it was at the Post Office that we met Monica, a lady confused by what she had been taught about having eternal security. I shared with her the Good News of the Gospel and it became clear to her what she needed to do to receive eternal life. What an awesome time!  At the bank we met Jennifer, one of the tellers.  Our hearts broke for her as we talked about Jesus and she resisted hearing the Truth.  We found out later that her daughter went to VBS, vacation Bible school at the First Baptist Church and that her Mom had visited that church as well.  In God’s time we believe Jennifer will come to Jesus.  Also at the bank, I met a nun named Sister Ann. I told her that my Mother was a nun but left the convent, met my Dad, they got married and she got out of the habit and had 7 children.  She laughed and that opened the door for me to share a little about salvation by grace and not works. Lets pray for both these ladies that they would understand the one and only way to heaven through Jesus and that they will read the tract and Good News we gave them.

As we were biking around towns, we usually stop by schools and churches and pray at each location.  In Santa Rosa, we stopped in at the First Baptist Church when we saw several cars parked there. What a great blessing that was! Their church has been praying that the chains of sin and entanglement will be broken in their public schools and community. They are doing some really exciting things to encourage the teachers, reach out to the students and meet the needs of the people.  There were several other Christians who came from Louisiana to help them get ready for the school projects and they all came to our evening service at another church.  What a blessing it was to have 3 local churches gather together in prayer and fellowship.  Let’s all remember to be on our knees for the schools here in the USA.

What a welcome we received at First Baptist Church in Moriarty, NM from the new Pastor, Johnny, and the church family.  A special thanks to Rick, Beth and Mike, Janette and others who showered us with love, food, prayers and encouragement.  We had a great day riding through town, witnessing and meeting up with other tourists from all over the USA. The church people in this town have a real burden for their community. They are seeking God’s wisdom and direction to do what they can for their town of about 2,000 people to bring the message of salvation.

Free showers at the Pilot Travel center that afternoon was a new adventure and provided many witnessing opportunities as well. We thank them so much for that blessing!

Twenty fun miles on the paved Bosque Bicycle trail in **Albuquerque, NM** was quite the adventure on such a beautiful day.  Our WHEEL POWER friend, Julie, from Santa Fe, came down and rode with us.  There were several people we had the blessing of talking to along the trail about our trip and our purpose, it was great!!!

In Gallup, NM we stayed at an exciting church overlooking the beautiful red rock mountains around the edge of the Navajo reservation. However, it appeared to us as we rode through the town that the people are not quite interested in hearing the Truth, lots of atheist. On Sunday, I was able to speak about 10 minutes in both morning services and taught in an adult Sunday School class. It was a blessing to hear the encouragement from the church folks and their promise to pray for us.

PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR US - We need your prayers for continued safety and boldness in witnessing.   We will be in Flagstaff for this upcoming week and then continue on through Arizona to California.  Our trip ends on Oct. 10 and then Chrissy and I will drive our van and camper back to Virginia, making stops along the way to stay with friends.
WHEEL POWER Mission Trip Phase 3

Greetings From Amarillo, TX!

Galatians 6:9-10 says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

We are at the half-way point of our mission trip and what a blessing it has been to see God use us in the lives of so many people we have met on the highways and byways.  He has also protected and blessed us so much each and every day.

Our weekend in Amarillo at Trinity Baptist Church provided us with much needed rest, great fellowship, encouragement from so many folks and ministry opportunities as well.  I had the blessing of teaching a Pickleball clinic here and talked with several players about Jesus.   On Saturday afternoon we were treated to lunch by Linda and Geary, Pickleball players and church members.

On Sunday, I shared my testiony and WHEEL POWER story in one of the adult Sunday School classes and several Pickleball players attended.  The Pickleball players had a potluck lunch for us afterwards.  Our team was also blessed with the visit from a former Pastor friend, Alan Tinsley and his wife, Pam, from Walsenburg, CO who now live in Amarillo and are members at Trinity.  After the services we talked with Tracy and Kim who have an amazing ministry called  This ministry exists to make disciples of 13-19 year old young women and men.  They do that by empowering youth through athletics and horses and helping them and their families to become deeply rooted in Jesus Christ.

Salvation and Witnessing Report:

Praise the Lord for two more people coming to know Jesus this past week plus  the many witnessing opportunities we have had each day as we continue to pedal and proclaim the message of salvation across our land.

I had the blessing of meeting Mark, a very nice 16-yr old young man who thought that because he was baptized he was going to heaven.  As I talked with Mark, he told me that when he was 6 years old he was baptized because his Mom wanted him to go to heaven when he died.  So for all those years he thought that it was his baptism, as well as being a member of the church, that made him a Christian and saved him.  As I took time to talk with Mark about sin, repentance and salvation he realized he was not saved but was so eager to know forgiveness of his sins and invite Jesus into his heart and life.  What a glorious day and we rejoiced as did the angels in heaven!!!!

A 20-year old young man we met on a bicycle path, who had just graduated from a Community College, heard the Gospel message from Debbie and Ron and wanted to be saved.  He told them how thankful he was to hear the truth of the Gospel and receive the free gift of salvation.

Highlights from the last 10 days:

•  Each church family blessing and encouraging us!!!

•  A tour of Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia where we met the President who gave each of us a school water bottle.  We also had several opportunities to witness to students while on the campus.  More Pickleball at the church that night too!

•  Being filmed on the road by Fred from KSLA TV-12 in Texarkana and were seen on the evening news throughout the region.  It was a lot of fun and we were thankful for the opportunity to tell the television audience about our bicycle mission trip across the USA spreading the love of Jesus.  The next day many people honked and waved at us!!!

•  The opportunity to share in the Wednesday evening service, and to the youth group, at First Baptist in Wake Village/Texarkana. It was a marvelous evening and the church really blessed us with taking us out to dinner, bringing in breakfast and going the extra mile.

•  Many blessings in DeKalb with Russell, Jo, Mike and Pastor James.  We were also interviewed by the local newspaper, shared Jesus with a man at a road-side store who said he was 80% sure his good works would get him to heaven.  We told him how he could know 100% but he wasn’t receptive – it was sad.  But we know we planted the seed and God will do the rest. We told the church and they are going to try and follow-up with him.

•  In Paris, TX we visited the Eiffel Tower and the Veterans Memorial – very impressive and touching.  Debbie and David from OK had been riding with us most of the week and treated us to dinner that evening and departed for home the following morning.

•  An unexpected side trip to McKinney to get some bike repair work done turned out to be such a blessing.  After more than 4 hours, we rolled out of Richardson Bike Mart so pleased with the assistance from the manger, David, to the mechanic, Barry, and the opportunities to talk to many people in the shop about the Lord. We even had a visit with our good friends, Judy and Peter, who rode across America with us a few times many years ago.

•  The weekend in Denton was special for all of us but especially for Chrissy, she got to stay and visit with her Aunt Sue and Uncle Ron.  Her church asked me to share my testimony and teach about witnessing in their Sunday morning service and then we enjoyed a fellowship dinner.

•  Due to a thunder storm in Wichita Falls, we were unable to pedal out of town.  I was invited to speak in the women’s morning Bible Study group and wow, what an unexpected blessing.  After I shared my testimony, the women gathered ‘round, laid hands on me and prayed.  Then one of the women asked if they could take a love offering for us and they all were very generous!  God is so good!

•  In Vernon, TX we had several local witnessing opportunities and enjoyed a fellowship dinner and time to talk, encourage and pray with many church folks that evening.  Pastor shared a great message on witnessing and it was so encouraging to us to hear how their church is reaching out in their town to spread the Gospel.

WHEEL POWER Mission Trip Phase 2

Heat, humidity and hills were part of our days these past couple weeks but now that we have crossed the Mississippi River and into Southern Arkansas - we have only lost the hills!!!!

All of the challenges on the road, like the weather, the traffic, the road conditions and even the two flat tires and a broken fan belt on the van, have made it so interesting when we meet people to tell them about our journey of spreading the love of Jesus.

Our Host Families & Churches!

Our host church families have knocked our socks off every night with sweet fellowship, fantastic food plus the opportunity for us to tell them more about our ministry.  I have been blessed to share my testimony and a challenging message from God’s Word about how important it is for all believers to be mindful, and intentional, about sharing the GOOD NEWS with everyone they meet.  We thank our new friends we visited these last 2 weeks in Opelika, Prattville, Centreville, Northport, Columbus, Eupora, Winona, and Greenville, Mississippi.  Plus the great folks in Lake Village, Crossett and El Dorado, our first three towns in Arkansas.  We are so grateful for their love, prayers and support.

We had two special days in Prattville, AL and were able to get some rest as well as riding locally, witnessing, speaking and even Pickleball. One early morning riding in town, we met Matthew, a 19-yr old young man who had just lost his job 5-minutes before and was walking home.  He had been an atheist until he was 16 years old but had been searching for the truth the last couple years. When we pedaled up behind him and said, good morning, he was quite surprised.  Matthew told us what happened and I assured him that God was in control and had a better job waiting for him.  We shared the Gospel message with him and I shared about my desire to know the truth when I was in my 20’s and how God revealed Himself to me through His Word, the Bible.  After that discussion, he then said there’s one other thing going on in my life, I will know at 1:00pm today if I am going to be a father.  My girl friend is having an ultra sound.  Whew, what a heavy load for a young man, and although he was not ready to receive the free gift of salvation that morning, we gathered around him and prayed. After that he said, “Now I know there is a God, you all came out of nowhere and showed me that you cared, thank you.”  Would you please join with us and let's pray that Matthew reads the tract and Gospel of John we gave him, gets saved, and gets involved with a Bible-believing church. We did give him the name and contact info at the church where we were staying.

Also in Prattville, I was invited to teach a couple Pickleball clinics, which was so fun and made lots of new friends. I had the blessing of speaking and sharing in their Wednesday evening service too and we all were very uplifted by the encouragement we received.

After pedaling across the Mississippi River, we were taken by surprise when a businessman pulled over while we were taking a picture at the “WELCOME TO ARKANSAS” sign.  He asked what we were riding for and I told him we ride to tell everyone we can that Jesus loves them.  “Do you know that Jesus loves you, sir, I asked?”  Without hesitation he said, you bet I do, I am a believer and attend a Baptist church in Mississippi.  He said he would pray for us as he drove to his business meeting still a 3-hour drive west.  Before leaving, however, he said I knew God prompted me to stop, I have been blessed meeting you folks and then handed me some money and said please treat your team to lunch.  He said his goodbyes and added, “Be safe, God bless you and thank you for what you are doing.”

It was only a few miles from that welcome sign that we entered Lake Village.  As we rode through town, people pulled over to see my ELF bike and ask what we were doing.  Some took pictures and we witnessed to many people, prayed with a few folks who needed prayer and we were also blessed by the many Christians we met.  We had lunch at Mac Donald’s and again, we had more people to talk to and pray with for their needs.

When we finally arrived at the church, more blessings awaited us. After a delicious dinner we went up to the sanctuary and people were filling up the pews to hear about our ministry.  Only God knew what was ahead that night.  After I spoke, the people said it was like a mini revival.  I sensed the Lord was at work too and continued to share and talk to people from my heart about a relationship with Jesus.  Our personal connection with Jesus transcends all barriers and not only gives us freedom from the penalty of our sins but freedom to speak the Truth in love to others that we know and meet.  I challenged everyone to take a “GOOD NEWS” card and do what I have been doing on this trip -  ask someone everyday, with all the enthusiasm and boldness you muster up,  “Have you heard the GOOD NEWS today?”

We spent 3 nights in Crossett, AR, a town of about 5,000 people.  On Saturday, August 25, we rode and talked to people in the neighborhoods, in front of Wal-Mart and used my little ELF bicycle to draw attention and bring folks to talk with us.  We stopped and prayed at the local High School for the students, teachers and their protection and for the boldness of the Christians who attend and teach in that school.  It was a day filled with blessings, witnessing opportunities and so much more.

Across America Mission Trip 2018

Greetings from Alabama!

We praise the Lord for a great first week of our mission trip.  We bicycled across Georgia and are praising the Lord for His many blessings which include:

•  The opportunity to talk to many people about Jesus.  Some were in the towns where we stayed or as we rode around the community.  Other folks we met and talked with were at our stops for water or when we made a pit stop.

•  Warm greetings at each church where we slept every night.  Great fellowship with the Pastor and/or church folks most evenings

• Delicious meals, cool showers, and opportunities for me to share about WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists and my personal testimony

•  Safety as we pedaled approximately 275 miles on some very beautiful, scenic roads in Georgia

•  Prayers from family and dear friends all across the USA and encouraging messages on Facebook, email and texts

As we travel and talk with people about our Faith, I think it is always interesting to hear what others believe, or don’t believe, about God.  When talking with most non-believers, I find that they are searching to find, and know, the Truth.

Our goal is to spread the love of Jesus everywhere we go, planting the seeds of Truth from the Bible and leaving folks with a better understanding of God’s Word and His plan and purpose for their lives and the hope of eternal security.




I was leading the team along a beautiful 4-lane divided highway in Georgia.  I pulled over and stopped when I saw that up ahead there was some construction and wanted to alert my teammates. While we were stopped, one of the Georgia Transportation road crew guys, Jim, stopped to see if we were ok and then asked what we were doing. I shared about our ministry and that we were riding to Los Angeles and our purpose for riding was to tell everyone that Jesus loves them. I asked him if he knew Jesus and He told us he was a believer and had been saved for years and loved the Lord with all his heart.  He told us that the road ahead was partially closed and it would be very dangerous for us on our bicycles. He then offered to escort us by riding behind us, with his flashing lights on. Wow, what a blessing!   All the west-bound traffic stayed behind him until we got through the 1.2 miles of construction!!!

It is so cool that the Lord always knows what we need and when we need help and today He bought us Jim, our Angel for the day!