WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists has been spreading the timeless truths of the Gospel throughout the United States since 1993. We ride bicycles to spread the message of the Gospel and our passion is to talk to everyone we can along our journey about Jesus. Most of our witnessing opportunities, “Divine Appointments” as we call them, come to us as we ride through towns, visit local establishments, stop at a National Park or enjoy lunch at the family diner.

WHEEL POWER teams have ridden over 2 million accident-free miles and have been blessed and used of the Lord to plant seeds in the hearts of thousands of lost souls; to water the seeds planted by others; and be led by the Holy Spirit to pray with thousands for salvation. We give God the Glory for He gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6).

We invite, and encourage you to join us on one of our upcoming Mission Trips. It will strengthen you in your faith and give you the boldness to talk to anyone, anytime, anyplace about Jesus.  To further assist you in your evangelistic efforts, our founder, Judy Bowman, has written a  Bible study book on witnessing, Until The Road Ends. It can further assist and inspire you in your witnessing efforts, whether on your bicycle or just out loving life.  We also offer other witnessing tracts and materials and that we believe will help equip you to share your faith right where you live and ride.

Our newest sport ministry outreach programs include Pickleball and Disc Golf. Both of these sports are very popular and growing rapidly throughout the USA and around the World.  Pickleball and Disc Golf are for players of all ages and provide a great platform to talk to players about Jesus.

Please pray for Judy, and her son, Steve, as they are actively involved in riding and reaching the lost for Jesus, speaking in churches, teaching CROSS TRAINING witnessing workshops and encouraging Christians to be bold in their faith. Please contact Judy or Steve if you would like them to speak, or teach, at your church, Sunday school class or Bible study group or offer a 2 or 3 day bicycle ride in your community to spread the love of Jesus.

WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists is a 100% faith-based, 501-c-3 non-profit ministry.  We have placed our faith and trust in Jesus Christ to meet our needs and provide for our ministry through friends like you. Our founder has never taken a salary from this ministry as an example of trusting the Lord and letting Him provide for her needs and the needs of the ministry. We are so thankful for all who partner with us as the Lord leads and we invite you to become part of our WHEEL POWER Fellowship team. We take the Great Commission seriously as we GO with holy boldness spreading the message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ alone throughout the USA. (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; John 15:16; Acts 1:8).


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Any time you order on Amazon, you can support WHEEL POWER. By clicking on the link, log into your amazon acct. and then search for WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists. Donations from purchases you make, will benefit our ministry. Please share with your family and friends and it also works for business accounts too - Thank you!


Great for Christmas Gifts

Life is Great with Jesus (SM-XL)

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Price $25.00 donation and you will also receive 10 GOOD NEWS cards, 10 Tracts and a custom Wooden cross to wear around your neck – great tool for witnessing.

2020 Vision USA Mission Trip

Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no Vision people will perish.”

This has been our theme in 2020 and how exciting it is to see how the Lord has blessed and used us as instruments of His Grace and Mercy in the lives of so many people. We continue to Go and Share the Gospel message on our bicycles everywhere we can.

Bicycling Across America

March 26 to June 14

San Francisco, CA to Charleston, SC:

Come join the WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists bicycling team as we pedal across the USA, spreading the love of Jesus one mile at a time! This upcoming mission trip will be our 42nd evangelistic outreach ride here in the USA. We invite you to be apart of this exciting journey across our Country as we share the Gospel with folks in every town, on the street corners, in restaurants, city parks and anywhere and everywhere the Lord leads.

Our route will begin in San Francisco, dipping our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean and pedaling through California to the south-east corner in El Centro. We will then ride east through Arizona, New Mexico, up to Amarillo, Texas, across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, finishing with a splash down and dipping of our front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston, South Carolina.

Pedaling 800 miles (estimated), 14 cities, 21 days
Pedaling 415 miles (estimated), 5 cities, 7 days
Pedaling 500 miles (estimated), 7 cities, 8 days
Pedaling 235 miles (estimated), 4 cities, 6 days
Pedaling 400 miles (estimated), 5 cities, 8 days
Pedaling 565 miles (estimated), 8 cities, 13 days
Pedaling 190 miles (estimated), 3 cities, 3 days
Pedaling 225 miles (estimated), 4 cities, 5 days
Pedaling 310 miles (estimated), 5 cities, 7 days
Pedaling 180 miles (estimated), 3 cities, 3 days

Contact Judy Bowman, to request your application and other information, such as fees, uniforms and other important details about our Vision 2020 Mission Trip. Make your registration down payment to secure your spot.

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