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We are excited to share with you how you can become involved with WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists as a HUB Director in your local community.  You can look forward to great fellowship as you ride and witness with other Christian cyclists in a WHEEL POWER HUB.  You will want to enlist the support of your local church as you consider starting a WHEEL POWER HUB.  Their encouragement and prayer will be valuable to you as you rally Christian cyclists in your community to share God’s love with those you meet while you are riding.

Qualifications to be a HUB Director with WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists:

1.  You must be a born-again Christian who loves the Lord with your whole heart. We request a letter of recommendation from your Pastor and your short testimony written out and send in with your application.
2.  You must agree with our Statement of Faith and Purpose and live by these principles in your personal life. (see our web site for this information)
3.  You must desire to share Christ with the people you meet, both on and off your bicycle.
4.  You must keep your life in balance; your relationship with God first, your family second, and then your ministry from God.
5.  You must have Judy Bowman or another WHEEL POWER staff person meet with you in person, to pray with you and help you get your HUB started.
6.  All local HUB Directors must be members of WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists.  More information and applications will be provided as you move forward in starting a WPCC HUB.


1.  Bicycling tract “Can WE Pedal Our Way to Heaven?” This is Judy Bowman’s personal testimony.
2.  One copy of Judy’s Bible study book, to be used in the teaching and training of HUB members:  UNTIL The Road Ends - “How to talk to anyone, anytime, anyplace about Jesus."
3.  A sample of our GOOD NEW witnessing card
4.  A sample of the Gospel of John used in our ministry with bicycling cover
5.  A sample of the New Testament used in our ministry with a bicycling cover    

We look forward to working with you and providing encouragement to you and your local HUB.  We will be praying that the Lord will use you and your members to help Christians mature in their faith and provide a witness to those who need to hear the Gospel.  God bless you and please remember to let the Light of Christ shine through you to all you meet, know, and love every day!

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