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Fall Bicycle, Pickleball Mission Trip: Judy’s schedule.

• Oct. 8 to Oct. 11 – Staying with friends and connecting with Berks Bible Church in Berks County, PA. Several WHEEL POWER team members will ride and witness on the bicycle trails and roads in this region. Judy will speak at the church on Sunday, October 11. We will also be playing recreational Pickleball, which always open a door for witnessing, especially when we give out Judy’s testimony tract: “Is There Life After Pickleball?”

• Oct. 11 – Wheeling, WV – Passing through

• Oct. 12 – Hamilton, OH – overnight with friends

• Oct. 13 – Effingham, IL – Passing through<

• Oct. 14 – Rolla, MO – overnight with friends and Church service

• Oct. 15 – Springfield, MO – overnight with friends

• Oct. 16-17 – Springdale, AR – 2 days with friends, Pickleball & Pontoon Boat ride

• Oct. 18 to 25 – Tulsa, OK – one week of fun and fellowship with friends as we cycle and share Jesus on the trails in the Tulsa area, play Pickleball and Judy will speak, share and teach in the adult Sunday School classes at Tulsa Bible Church. • Oct. 26-27 – Journey back to Lynchburg • Oct. 28 – Happy Birthday, Judy

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Cross Training Workshops

Taught by Dr. Judy Bowman founder of WHEEL POWER


Salvation Story at

A couple weeks ago I met a lady in our new Wal-Mart who was wearing a t-shirt from Paris, France with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. We were both in the same aisle and my desire was to tell her about Jesus, so I was praying for something to say to start the conversation. When I saw her shirt I knew that was the open door. I made a casual comment and then asked her if she received the shirt as a gift or if she had actually been there. She turned toward me with a big grin and said . . .

Salvation Story at Virginia Beach

Thanks to the blessing of one of my good friends, I was able to go to Virginia Beach for a few days. While there, the Lord gave me many witnessing opportunities and the joy of leading two men to salvation who had just finished their work day and were getting ready to head home. These men were probably in their late 30s or early 40s, and each one separately came to “see the light.” With broken hearts and a genuine spirit of repentance, they prayed for forgiveness and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Tears filled their eyes . . .


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