WHEEL POWER Mission Trips are always centered on Christ and the Cross as we ride to reach everyone we can with the Gospel Message of Jesus’ love and free gift of salvation! There will be miles and miles of great bicycling with witnessing opportunities every day on our journey through towns, neighborhoods and on paved trails.  If you are a Pickleball player, we will also have several places where we can play and talk to folks about the Lord in that venue as well.

Upcoming Bicycle Mission Trip:

Spring Mission Trip: April 24 – May 3

Alabama and Georgia We will be bicycling on the well-maintained cement & asphalt surface in the deep south of Alabama and Georgia on the Silver Comet trail (66 miles) and Chief Ladiga Trail (33 miles). Our home base will be at a local church near the trail in Rockmart, AL. Rockmart is a historic town known for its rock/slate and was the first train depot and a fun place to visit and meet people.

• For more information and details, contact Judy

Summer Mission Trip: June 6-19

Upstate and Western New York From the southern tip of the beautiful Adirondack mountains to the amazing sights of Niagara Falls, we will pedal sections of the Erie Canal Trail across NY. This will be a trilogy mission trip! Our home-base will be in three different cities and we will ride along the trails and in the towns where we’ll be staying each day. Our host churches will be in Prospect, Rochester and Buffalo.

• For more information and details, contact Judy

Fall Mission Trip: September 27 – October 7

Tulsa, Oklahoma What a great place to ride along the Arkansas River on the River Parks Trail. There are always lots of people to talk to, beautiful parks and fun pedaling along the well-maintained 100 miles paved trails. The team will stay at the local church just minutes from the trail. Tulsa has an amazing outdoor recreation center called the Gathering Place that opened in 2018. It offers a variety of outdoor activities such as nature trails, basketball, skateboarding, etc.. It’s quite a place to see and enjoy.

• For more information and details, contact Judy


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