WHEEL POWER Mission Trips are always centered on Christ and the Cross as we ride to reach everyone we can with the Gospel Message of Jesus’ love and free gift of salvation! There will be miles and miles of great bicycling with witnessing opportunities every day on our journey through towns, neighborhoods and on paved trails.  If you are a Pickleball player, we will also have several places where we can play and talk to folks about the Lord in that venue as well.

Anniversary Ministry Bicycle Trip:

We are celebrating the history of WHEEL POWER as we go back and visit churches, team members, family and friends who have been a part of our ministry over the last 30 years. 

We are inviting former team members as well as new riders, to join us for a day or two or maybe a week or more as we pedal and proclaim the love of Jesus throughout the USA in 2023.

You can email Judy to receive all the details about our exciting Mission trips.

Winter Mission Trip:

Florida, January 26 to February 20

We will be traveling from Lynchburg, VA to Florida with stops in Greenville, SC and Thomson, GA. We will be hosted by churches and friends in each area. In Florida we will have “home base” for 1 week in the Clearwater area on the Gulf Coast and 2 weeks in Titusville on the Atlantic Coast.  We will be pedaling and witnessing on many trails and through quaint towns on both coasts.  Please ride with us as we GO & Tell everyone about Jesus.

• Spring & Summer Mission Trip:

April to June

We will be traveling from Lynchburg to So. Dakota with stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio.  More details about our complete itinerary and destinations will be posted soon.


• Fall Mission Trip:

September 5 to October 15

We will be riding and witnessing in Portland, Maine and the surrounding areas. After Maine we will be in the Billerica area in Massachusetts, then on to Rochester and Buffalo, New York. We’ll conclude our trip riding and sharing in the Lancaster, PA area.  We will be staying at local churches and campgrounds so please come join us for some beautiful riding during the Fall months and I’m sure the Lord has many witnessing opportunities just waiting for us to reach out and share His love.



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