WHEEL POWER Mission Trips are always centered on Christ and the Cross as we ride to reach everyone we can with the Gospel Message of Jesus’ love and free gift of salvation! There will be miles and miles of great bicycling with witnessing opportunities every day on our journey through towns, neighborhoods and on paved trails.  If you are a Pickleball player, we will also have several places where we can play and talk to folks about the Lord in that venue as well.

Fall Bicycle Mission Trip:

Sept 28 – Oct 4, 2023

Ride on For Jesus!  That is what we do on our bicycles – we ride and spread the Love of Jesus with people we meet everywhere we go. Our “home base” for this Fall mission trip will be Holiday Trav’L RV Park, 757-425-0249; 1075 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach 23451.  Most of our riding will be on trails or bike lanes that are well marked. We will be able to get on our bikes and ride out from our campground on most every ride. Virginia Beach is a bicycle friendly town and there are separate walking and biking paths on the Boardwalk.

Day 1 & 2 – Boardwalk site-seeing ride and beyond – 25 miles Rt

• Neptune Festival is in town that weekend with a parade, booths and lots of music,

• Art show, sand sculpting, Volleyball tournament, dog show and many more festivities. Check out www.neptunefestival.com

Day 3 – Sandbridge beach ride – 30 miles RT

Day 4 – First Landing State Park – 30 miles RT

Day 5 – Lynnhaven Parkway Trail – 35 miles RT

• Riders can ride more, or less miles, if they choose because the trails are safe and easy to follow and get back to camp.

• For more information and details, contact Judy


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