WHEEL POWER Mission Trips are always centered on Christ and the Cross as we ride to reach everyone we can with the Gospel Message of Jesus’ love and free gift of salvation! There will be miles and miles of great bicycling with witnessing opportunities every day on our journey through towns, neighborhoods and on paved trails.  If you are a Pickleball player, we will also have several places where we can play and talk to folks about the Lord in that venue as well.


Please keep us in your prayers as we will be driving approximately 2,800 miles and bicycling about 700 miles on this mission trip. We know the Lord will give us many witnessing opportunities along the way at gas stations and rest stops, and of course while bicycling and ministering in each community.


Judy will also be speaking and teaching in churches in each town about how to start a conversation with anyone, anytime, anyplace about Jesus. We invite you to join us and ride for a few miles or a few days. 


We are trusting the Lord to meet our financial needs to cover trip expenses, mainly fuel and also funds to print our tracts and other witnessing materials. Please pray about helping us, maybe with $30 a month to celebrate our 30 years of ministry or whatever you feel you can give.  Thank you!


You can email Judy to receive all the details about our exciting Mission trips.

Spring Bicycling Mission Trip:

April 20 – May 26, 2023


Tennessee             Thursday, April 20                   Sweetwater                     350 miles

Mississippi             Friday, April 21                          Starkville                          360 miles

Texas                       Sat. & Sun., April 22-23          Wake Village                   345 miles

                                   Mon. – Sun., April 24-30        Dallas area                      215 miles       

Oklahoma                  Mon. – Tues., May 1-9             Tulsa area                       265 miles

Arkansas                Wed. – Mon., May 10-15          Springdale area             130 miles

Missouri                  Tues. – Fri., May 16-19             Springfield                        120 miles       

                                   Sat. – Sun., May 20-21            Rolla & Salem                 125 miles       

Illinois                      Monday, May 22                      Grayville                           250 miles

Kentucky                Tues. – Thurs., May 23-25      Waynesburg                    250 miles

Traveling Home     Friday, May 2 6                         Lynchburg                        375 miles


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