WHEEL POWER Mission Trips are always centered on Christ as we ride to reach everyone we can with the Gospel Message of Jesus’ love and free gift of salvation! There will be lots of fun, adventures and witnessing opportunities along the hundreds of beautiful paved miles we’ll travel. If you are a Pickleball player, we will also have several places where we will have opportunities to play and talk to folks about the Lord too.

February 6 to February 17 – Pedaling Florida’s East Coast approx. 300 miles

• We will pedal and proclaim the Gospel message with folks we’ll meet as we ride south along the beautiful bicycle lane/path on route A-1-A, sections of the Greenway and Central Florida Rail Trail System. We’ll start from St. Augustine and pedal south to our final destination, Jupiter Island. The team will then shuttle to Orlando for a memorable visit to The Holy Land Experience. Riders will be able to leave their vehicles at the starting church and will be shuttled back, with their bikes, when the trip is over.

May 15 to 25 – Ohio Mission Trip: Ohio to Erie Trail

• Bicycling the beautiful 325 miles through farmland, a few cities and our final destination will be The Creation Museum and the ARK in Kentucky. Shuttle service is provided and a safe place for vehicles to be parked while we ride and witness.

June 18 to 24 – Virginia Mission Trip: Capital Trail and Williamsburg Colonial Parkway.

• Beautiful riding on the great paved trials of Eastern Virginia with a Ferry Ride to Jamestown and lots of history, fun and lunch in Colonial Williamsburg. The Bible Museum in Washington DC is only 2 hours away if you want to add that to your trip before you head home. However, we will not visit the museum as a team.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

September 24 to Oct. 4 – Oklahoma Mission Trip

• Our mission trip will start with a visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. From there we will be bicycling on some of old Rt. 66 from OK City to Tulsa, pedaling on the beautiful paved trails around the Tulsa area. Lots to see and do with many folks to talk to about Jesus.


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