ACT: Always Carry Tracts

Be sure to keep a supply of Christian tracts in your jersey pocket, in your bike bag or in back pocket.  This way you can give them out on your club rides, event rides throughout the year, stops at the local grocery store or even at the parks.  Tracts are an easy way to share the Gospel with folks.  We also recommend our GOOD NEWS witnessing cards.  They are bright yellow and laminated and have the Gospel message spelled out in an easy to use witnessing format.

Judy Bowman’s personal testimony tract, “Can We Pedal Our Way to Heaven?” is available as a thank you for donating along with the GOOD NEWS cards, Gospels of John, New Testaments and much more.


Bicycle Tract

Read Judy’s personal testimony in this tract of how she came to know Jesus and started WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists. Judy has pedaled coast to coast 15 times, sharing Jesus with everyone she meets.  She also holds the world record for riding the longest and fastest on a stationary bicycle.

Great way to read her story of salvation and build your own journey God has taken you on in life.  Allowing you confidence to share with people you meet all throughout the day.  Praying for those divine appointments. Order your tracts today to learn more of Judy’s testimony and to give them out when you’re out cycling or walking the trails.

PIckleball Tract

“Is There Life After Pickleball” is my testimony tract written to encourage Pickleball players to read and hear the Gospel message. Several players around the Country hand out my tract, just as I do, when we play or compete. One day I received a phone call from a woman, who had received my tract, and asked for prayer. As we talked, she had many questions about Jesus, salvation, death and more. What an amazing privilege to lead her to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ over the phone.


Read Judy’s personal testimony and how God led her to develop a Pickleball ministry designed for churches as an outreach sports ministry. Or if you would like copies of my tract, please send me an email and I will mail them to you.

Do You Know God's Promises?

The Rainbow is a Promise from God that He will never destroy the world again with a flood. The Rainbow is also a reminder of our heavenly Father’s faithfulness and unconditional love. There is only ONE GOD and only ONE Way to God – through Jesus!

What's in Your Stocking?

The free gifts you find in you stocking may include candy, toys, socks and other surprises: but, probably within days, if not hours, they will be eaten, broken or forgotten.  However, how would you like to receive a free gift that will last forever?

When's Your Birthday?

Your “Birth Day” is a time to celebrate this major gift -your life- and to give thanks to God for bringing you into the world. God is alls offering you another amazing gift – His son, Jesus, and His free gift of salvation.

Salvation Tract

This is a great tract to give back to the cashier who has just given you a receipt. This is typically what I like to say, “I have a receipt for you too. I hope you will take time to read, it can change your life forever.”

60 Second Tract

A simple, powerful and easy to read tract to share God’s message with people.


Written during covid in 2022 to get people’s attention to read the word of God. A very effective witnessing tool.

Gospel of John

The Road of Life’s version of the Bible’s Gospel of John has impactful life lessons and you read through the Word of God. A great place for a new believer to start reading the Bible.


Front & Back design. 

Available in Bright Yellow, Blue & Red


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