WHEEL POWER 2022 Bicycle Mission Trip Schedules

Please pray about joining us in:

MAINE, June 1-6

NEW YORK, June 15-29

VIRGINIA, September 15-30

Here is a quick overview about each mission trip, more details will be made available once you have registered. Please register soon because each trip will be limited to 12 team members.

MAINE Mission Trip – June 1-6

Please come join our team in Old Orchard Beach on Wednesaday, June 1 for an exciting mission trip in Southern Maine. We will pedal in this quaint beach town, which should provide many witnessing opportunities, as we enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, sandy white beaches and delicious seafood. We will pedal into Portland on the Greenway trail, around town, along the Promenade and across a couple cool bridges. Another day takes us south to Kennebunkport and with a visit to the Portland Light House and historic Fort Williams Bunkhouse and Park.

By arriving in Maine early in their season it shouldn’t be very crowded. However, I anticipate there will be lots of folks sightseeing, walking and visiting the area which will give us plenty of witnessing opportunities. We will always ride as a team, for safety and visibilty.

Overnight accommodations: you will have your choice of staying at a local campground, which is where I will be staying. The RV camp ground offers sites for trailers and RV’s, tent sites and cabins. There are several local motels/hotels close by if you prefer. The RV park also has swimming pools and many activities and is within a mile of the beach.

The cost of the trip is $150 which includes route sheets, witnessing materials, team shirt, great fellowship and daily devotions. Each team member is responsible for their own expense for overnight accommodations and meals on the Maine mission trip. Deadline to register is April 25.

NEW YORK Mission Trip – June 15-29

We will meet in Buffalo on Wednesday, June 15 and ride several days in the following towns:

Buffalo – June 15-18

Bicycling, to Niagra State Park, on Grand Island and local riding.

Webster/Rochester – June 18-21

Bicycling to Ontario Lake and local riding

Town Pending – June 21-23

Prospect – June 23-26

Bicycling in the Adirondack Mountains, to Old Forge, Utica, Rome and local riding

Little Falls – June 26-29

Bicycling to Herkimer, St. Johnsville and local riding

The team will have options to bicycle 30-45+ miles a day in and around the city/town, on beautifully paved trails in many locations, with many witnessing as we connect with the local church. We will be in each town 2-4 nights and then caravan to the next town. We will experience the sights of Niagara Falls, parts of the Erie Canal, the Adirondacks and beautiful scenery throughout Upstate New York.

Overnight accommodations: each night we will be hosted by a local church. Team members must provide their own bedding and all personal items plus one, or two, meal a day.

The cost of the trip is $350, or $35.00 per day, which includes route sheets, witnessing materials, team shirt, great fellowship and daily devotions. 
Deadline to register is May 5, 2022.

Each team member, that will have a vehicle can keep their vehicle, will be able to carry their own gear and bikes from town to town. WHEEL POWER will be able to carry four people, bicycles and luggage for those who fly in or make arrangement to get their vehicle at the end of the trip.

VIRGINIA Mission Trip – September 15 – 30

Come ride in WHEEL POWER’S home state.

Virginia Beach – September 15-21

Bicycling on the Beach Boardwalk, on Cape Henry Trail, to Sandbridge Beach, and on many local trails throughout VB

Williamsburg – September 21 -25

Bicycling the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown Beach, riding the James Town Ferry to explore Jamestown via bicycle, riding on the Capital trail

*While in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, team members will be able to either camp in their camper/tent or stay at a local church if possible or hotel/motel at the riders’ expense. The fee for Virginia Beach and Williamsburg is $25.00 per day.

Lynchburg – September 25-30

Ride on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway, pedal on the Blackwater Creek Trail and the High Bridge Trail (Appomattox – Farmville)

Overnight accommodations will be at the quiet, awesome WPCC Headquarters in Lynchburg, unless you chose to stay at a local hotel. The Fall weather should be beautiful and the trails and Parkway should be very nice for bicycling.

The fee for the Lynchburg section of this mission trip is $35.00 per day. All the Virginia trips includes route sheets, witnessing materials, team shirt, daily devotions and great fellowship. Deadline to register is August 1, 2022.


I believe God has much for us to DO in 2022. My passion and focus is to continue GrowingGlowing and Going in His grace and knowledge. I also know that as long as I have a PULSE, I still have a PURPOSE and so I will keep PRAISING the Lord, and PASSIONATELY spreading the Word and encouraging other believers to do the same.

We at WHEEL POWER believe that God is in control and we place our faith and trust in Him, following the path He directs us, not living in fear but living by faith, and faithfully serving Jesus. (Psalms 27:1).

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