WHEEL POWER Update Winter 2022

WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists – WITNESSING IN THE USA in 2022

There’s nothing like getting outside and riding your bicycle on a “beautiful day in the neighborhood.” The WHEEL POWER team invites you to dust off your bicycle, or go buy a new one, and join us as we ride in neighborhoods like yours throughout the USA. Our purpose is always to share the love of Jesus and the Gospel message of hope, forgiveness, and salvation with everyone we can and encourage other believers to find ways to share their faith too.

UPDATE on Florida mission trip 2022:

It was a very fruitful and exciting trip as we pedaled on some beautiful trails in several towns along the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean. We visited old friends, witnessed to many people and had some amazing blessings. One young man in particular stands out, 21-year-old, Jonathan, who was working at the hotel where we were staying. A very nice, polite, clean-cut young man yet he was struggling with depression, trying to find purpose in his life and was confused about God and church. He was raised in a big family, went to church but felt like it was all a put-on, nothing real in his eyes or for him. Over the course of 3 days, we had multiple conversations getting to know each other, joking around and talking about sports, life and of course God. Jonathan took time to read the Gospel of John after he got off work one day and came to work the next morning loaded with questions. He asked if we could talk on his lunch break and so we did. After going through the Scriptures and showing him the answer to his questions, Jonathan asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and save him. With tears in his eyes and a very repentant heart, Jonathan entered into a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have stayed in touch with text messages and phone calls and we also discuss the daily bible readings he is doing. He is trying to find a church and wants to join the US Air Force, which I think is cool since I am an Air Force Veteran myself. Thank you, Lord, for that wonderful blessing in Jonathan’s life and mine too!

We continue to pray for all the people who have heard the Gospel. We believe those seeds that we planted will take root and grow and we trust other believers will come along and water them. In God’s time, and perfect way, we hope that their hearts will be softened by God’s love and their minds will be open to the Truth. To God be the Glory! Amen and Amen!!

Upcoming mission trips for 2022

Please come ride with us, see some beautiful areas of our country while sharing the love of Jesus.

• Maine – June 1-6: Portland, Old Orchard Beach and beyond. Day rides include: Portland Promenade, the well-known Twin Lights State Park and Lighthouse, Ogunquit, Kennebunkport, and Perkins Cove.

• New York – June 15-30: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Prospect, Little Falls and Albany. Day rides include: Niagara Falls and Grand Island, Adirondack Mountains and so much more.

• Virginia – September 15 – 28: Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and Lynchburg. Day rides include: Boardwalk – Atlantic coast, Colonial Parkway, Jamestown Ferry, Blue Ridge Parkway, High Bridge and Blackwater Creek Trails.

• South Carolina – October 13 – 20: Greenville and Myrtle Beach. Day rides include: Swamp Rabbit Trail and the East Coast Greenway in Myrtle Beach.

Our ministry team will ride in each of the towns listed plus the extended areas. We are inviting local adults and children, 12 and older, to ride with us in their neighborhoods. We will be talking to people every day about Jesus in each community and want the local folks to be apart of our outreach ministry. One afternoon in each town, I will be teaching juggling with a fun technique on how to use the 3 juggling balls to share our faith. This program will be open to anyone ages 12 and older and should be very fun and exciting.

We are thankful that local churches will be hosting our team for 3 or 4 days per town. Our team will depart one town and caravan on to the next town. This way each rider will have their own car to transport their bike and gear and can ride as many towns as they choose. There will be SAG support for any riders who fly in and need a shuttle. For more details and an application, please email Judy.

Encouragement comes in many different ways!

As I walked to the parking garage where our WHEEL POWER vehicle was parked one day, I saw something white on my windshield. I knew it couldn’t be a ticket, I was properly parked. WOW, what a thoughtful gesture, and such a nice surprise and blessing to see a hand-written note on a napkin with these encouraging words:

I want to encourage you to bless someone this week in a special way. Maybe send them a note, or leave a surprise message, a card, a flower, make a phone call or whatever you think would make someone smile and lift their spirits. And maybe even do something special for a stranger, as someone did for me with the note on my windshield. There are lots of ways to show God’s love and encourage others, so please go and do as the Lord leads!


This year, WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists is celebrating its 29th year of ministry. We have pedaled more than 2.5 million safe miles and our bicycles have been an amazing tool for witnessing. People are curious about who we are, why we are riding and where we are going. Our bright neon yellow jerseys, plus the fact that there is a team of us riding together for the same common cause, initiates lots of attention and questions, thus an open door to share our passion.

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